ROSS: Radical Open Science Syndicate

Ecosystem Science + Sustainability, Colorado State University


We use open data, reproducible workflows, and community partnerships to better design and manage (mostly freshwater) ecosystems.

Our work is inspired by people in many fields, but the Landscape Architect John Tillman Lyle may have said it best:

“The point is that if we are going to design ecosystems, and we continually do so whether we care to face all of the implications or not, then it will be best to design them intentionally, making use of all the ecological understanding we can bring to bear."

Towards this overarching goal, we aspire to:
• Work in a fully open scientific environment, with work and data shared as soon as it is developed.
• Find and harmonize dissonant, disparate, and deserted datasets to better understand continental and global scale controls on freshwater ecosystems.
• Build partnerships with local & regional water resource managers, and guide our research questions around their needs.
• Democratize insights from complex data through careful and compelling visualizations, videos, and other media.
• Mentor and train students to work in a broad array of fields using modern open science and data science techniques.
• Foster a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive scientific community.